David Torres and Ron Klemens did the best job for us!  Coming from San Jose, we recently purchased a second home in Palm Springs, something we planned to do a little closer to retirement.  However, we met David Torres at an open house and immediately felt comfortable with his warm nature.  After 30 minutes with David we felt more informed about the Palm Springs area real estate market, and liked his energy so much, that we contacted him and asked if he`d show us some properties on our next visit.  

Even though we told him up front that we weren`t planning to buy for at least another 3 years, David enthusiastically put together some listings to show us.  He told us about the investment/vacation rental market, and knew everything we wanted to know about location, location, location.  We saw several properties and soon knew exactly where we wanted to buy - at least, when we were ready.  

One property stuck out and we called David to see if he`d take a longer look at it with us.  He met us at the  property and was happy to spend more time exploring the possibilities, answering endless questions, and indulging our dreaming.   We still had no plans to purchase a home so soon.

A week after returning home we called David and asked what the process would be like buying a home long distance.  He had a lot of expeirence helping clients do just that and was very reassuring it wouldn`t be any more complicated than if we were right here.  HE WAS RIGHT!  We asked to make an offer on the house and two months later we owned a great new home in Palm Springs.

During the process David and his partner Ron guided, advised, strategized and supported us at every turn.  The seller was in Chicago and we were in San Jose, but you wouldn`t have known it.  David kept in touch by telephone and had us sign documents electronically through email.  It was easy.  As questions arose he was prompt to get them addressed and always reassured us with his knowledge, experience, and excellent communication skills. It was such a pleasure working with him - really enjoyable.  He was also an amazing strategist and negotiator.  In the end, he got us a great deal on our house!

If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgable, supportive, intelligent, highly competent and very responsible real estate agent that you can trust to work hard for you - David Torres won`t let you down.  I can say with no reservations - he`s the best there is and you`ll be in great hands!  We feel so fortunate to have come across him and his partner Ron.

DAN B. | SAN JOSE  - 1/22/2013




What a positive experience it was working with David Torres.  My partner and I just moved into our new home in Palm Springs from Seattle.  David made the whole process easy and we so enjoyed working with him.  His patience in showing properties, his experience and knowledge in the purchasing process and his easy style of working with people made him the best choice for us.

We do not hesitate to recommend him as a number one choice!

TOM M. | PALM SPRINGS - 7/5/2013



We recently purchased a home in Palm Springs using David Torres as our agent.  We had met him previously at an open house he was hosting and did not know too much about him other than his friendly demeanor.  It is almost too little to say that David will exceed your expectations beyond what you could imagine.

There are many buyers looking for expensive homes in the area.  We were not one of those buyers.  In the past we have worked with another agent who really made us feel like he had better things to do than to show us homes.  And he did nothing to help us in our process other than take us into houses on the market.  David`s style and personality makes you always feel welcome and that he truly is at your service.

Three words summarize David`s work ethic: commitment, patience, and detail-oriented.  He will be committed to making the process as easy as possible, go out of the way to make sure everything is done correctly, and help you with details you didn`t even think about.

Trust me, when I compare David to the seller`s agent, there is no comparison.  That agent could have made our purchase experience a nightmare but David was there to have our backs and we appreciate the effort.

Truly, I do not say this lightly.  If you are looking for an agent in Cochella Valley, look no further then David Torres.  He`s the best.

ROBERT Y | SAN DIEGO - 1/16/2013



David Torres was an amazing realtor to work with.  We just bought our house in Palm Springs -- closed yesterday, woohoo! -- and David walked us through every step of the way.  From setting up viewings, putting in offers/counteroffers, coordinating with the banks and escrow, etc., David made sure we were taken care of and doing things right.  Our house is on Indian lease land, which made things a little more complicated, but David explained all the added steps and carried them out flawlessly.  Even when we were under a bit of a time crunch, David and Ron drove to Los Angeles to get our signed documents, so they could personally deliver them to the escrow company the next morning!  Amazing!  I cannot say enough good things about David Torres -- if you want the best, here he is.  Thanks so much David!

JOSEPH A. | LOS ANGELES - 7/10/2014



We`ve bought and sold several homes and I`ve worked with and know quite a few realtors but hands down, David Torres has been one of the best realtors I`ve worked with.  He was organized and professional and when we ran into issues along the way with the sellers and short sale lenders, he really fought for us.  He went out of his way to get things done for us when we were out of town during our transaction.   I have already referred him to my parents and would recommend him to anyone interested in buying/selling a home.  I`d give him more stars if I could.

MARY S. | SAN DIEGO - 7/1/2013



AS GOOD AS IT GETS.   I`ve worked with Ron and David about 15 yrs and NEVER found more competent, wonderful Realtors EVER!  I`m a loan officer that has a LOT of Realtor interaction, and nobody comes close to what these guys deliver. They`re organized, and spot on with every detail and more! You`ll also discover that besides being very competent, they`re especially nice. Especially!

I can`t say enough good things about this team.  I guess I can only hope my other Realtor relationships don`t read this review!   David and Ron were my ONLY referral source when I had a buyer in their territory. I trusted them with every deal, knowing our mutual clients would love them as much as I do. This is not to say they will help you pack, but, hey, they`re so good they just might come help you pack! 
I`d trust them with my Grandmother!   They are absolutely the very very best at what they do!  :)

T.S. | SAN RAMON - 9/6/2012

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